11 Epic Content Writing Courses Improve Your Skill

Countless ways to improve our skills. One of which I liked most is online courses. With the genuine course, you learned from an expert who has a level of field you will enter. But be aware of spam or fraud, because most of the courses you see are useless. That’s why whatever skill you want to learn from always genuine courses.

But do you know which ones are fake or Real?

When you search for “best online writing courses”. Plenty of courses are found. After seeing that you confuse about which one to choose. Having excellent writing skills opens many opportunities such as copywriting, blogging, email writing, and so on.

Content writing is one of the highly demandable skills.

Companies doing content marketing for promoting their service or product (whatever they sell).

This is the reason why there is always a need good content writer who writes great content.

You can do content writing along with your job and earn as a side income. No need to quit your job.

Writing good content is a skill you learn via online courses.

Many important things have to be taken care of to write good content. Countless courses teach how to write but few are best for you.

In this article, I have mentioned 13 content writing courses (free). Read this article till the end and you get complete information about courses.

Choose the Perfect Writing Course

The best way to choose a course is to first understand what you want, and what area you want to improve. There are many types of writing skills like technical writing, creative writing, legal writing, academic writing, email writing, etc. Think first then move into the course content and learn from this.

Where can I Find These Writing Courses?

Many online platforms offer courses including Skillshare, Coursera, and Udemy. Most people prefer these platforms to learn any kind of skills. Start with free then pay some money later to learn some advanced concepts.

Content Writing Course

Now let’s see all the writing courses and know what you get to learn in them.

Content Marketing: Blogging for growth

Perfect for beginner writers. This course also received so many positive reviews from enrolled members. This course is designed by Eric Sui, CEO of Single Grains and Founder of Growth Everywhere. Every writer should watch this course to improve their writing skills.

In about 80 minutes, Eric Sui talked about important things related to writing, including topic brainstorming, blogging writing style, topic ideas, etc. Along with this, it has also been told how to create feature images and great headlines for the blog. You will get to learn about all these subjects in this course.

Become a better Blogger

This course, created by Andrea Goulet, has been taught very well related to writing, as well as content writing and blogging writing. Andrea Goulet also has a team of expert logos.

Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

This course is especially useful for B2B companies. This course will be available for free on Udemy. This course has been created by William Flanagan who is also the CEO and Founder of Audie

Editing and Proofreading Masterclass By Skillshare

As important as writing good content is to proofread it. Many times while writing content, mistakes are made in small words,

Content Strategy Course By Hubspot

This course comes from the Hubspot academy where all the techniques that are needed to create high-quality content are taught. From content analysis to promotion and storytelling, all skills have been described.

This course is about 3 hours long in which many instructors are Lindsay Thibeault, Sujan Patel, Justin Campion, AJ belts, and Corey Braccialini. Who teaches these skills?

Secret Sauce of Great Writing

This 40-minute course, its instructor is Shani Raja. He explains the fundamentals of writing in very simple language. These methods have also been talked about in this which will help you in improving your writing skills further.

Content Marketing: Blogging for Business

This content writing course comes from LinkedIn. In which it is told how important blogging is in business. Especially since it has told more about blogging, how can you guest blog? How to make your team, etc. You get to learn something new in every lesson of the course.

The Instructor of this course is Martin Waxman. In this course of about 50 minutes, we talked about online marketing, social media content promotion, and many more things that improve your skills.

Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin


here are many types of content writing, one of which is technical writing. In this, the writer would have to write the most difficult things related to technology in an easy language in such a way that anyone can read and understand. If the writer is experienced in technical writing, then it is easy for him to get work.

Many techniques have been talked about in the course and it has also been told to use advanced tools which will help during writing. If you want to become a technical writer, then you must see this course in which you get to learn a lot of knowledge.

Get Paid to write by Elna Cain

If you want to become a freelance content writer but you do not understand how and where to start then this course is very good. This is a 6 days course that comes in your email every day.

This course has been created by Elna Cain who is a freelance writer. She has been writing for many years. He has written content for many big websites. A complete guide to freelance content writers is told in the course, by following which you can earn money online by becoming a good writer.

New writers who want to earn money from their writing skills must see this course.

Online Creative Writing Classes by Skillshare

This course will help you to understand creative writing. Along with this, tools and techniques will also be told so that your writing can be good. Based on the topic, the course is divided into small lessons.

Through the course, you can learn to write poetry, fiction, etc. Valuable things have been told in this course available for free.

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Essentials of Writing Content

If you are completely new to writing, then this course created by Girijian Raghavan will help you a lot. In this one-hour course, a beginner writer gets to learn a lot of good things.

How to improve writing skills. Useful tips have also been given for this. This course is available for free at udemy. You see the course and apply the things mentioned so that you can become a good content writer.

[BONUS ] English Writing Skill – Revised

In this course of about three hours, more attention has been paid to English writing skills, a good content is only what people can understand. If you make a grammar mistake during your writing, then no one will like to read it. For those people who are weak in English and are unable to understand their points properly, then this is a very useful course for them.


In today’s article, I told you about all those free content writing courses that will improve your skills. Do share this article with your friends so that they can also know about the best writing course. If you have any questions regarding the writing course, then feel free to comment.

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