Smart Value or APLL Real or Fraud [Complete Guide]

Smart Value and APLL which is an Asian Pacific Learning Leverage Private Limited Company to get a 15000 – 20000 Course Sale in jeans.

Most people also consider this company as a fraud because here people are shown dreams of earning more in a motivation and career settlement future and people come under the same motivation or deception and buy their courses.

In it uses the way of marketing affiliates to connect it and others, where you will be first implicated, then if you have to withdraw money, then you have to bring more people and more people laugh in the same affair.

To join Smart Value, you also have to offer your government ID card like PAN Card Aadhaar Card Bank details

Let’s know if it is real or if people are implicated and frauded in it.

Smart Value or APLL

Company nameSmart Value
Company Registered26 Dec 2006 on (MCA)
Owner Name Budhon Prasad Reddy, Nirmala Arora,
Shivkumar Krishnamurthy
AddressNew Delhi
Phone Number08046730123

This company connects more and more people with Affiliate Marketing Rules of Marketing.

And makes her product sold, where you can easily connect with an existing customer’s sponsor id to connect with it

To whom you can also start to Refer and Earn.

But to join it, a hefty amount is taken from you, which can range from 12000 to a large amount from 25000, where this bean product sells the SAME Course for different money with different customers.

APLL Smart Value Income Plans

Smart Value Money Earn has a lot of effective plans that are something like this

  • Earn money by adding people
  • Earn money by selling goods to people
  • Earn money by giving value to people
  • Earn commission by adding people to business
  • Earning money as a bonus
  • Earning more bonuses to be constantly connected and more work

Many such ways are applied to you, from which you can earn money from Smart Value

Where you guys sell products and earn money in miles and business points earn money from a bonus to you in which you can convert the company’s currency into your Indian currency.

  • Mile – Where you are given miles on selling the product of the company, the more income you can sell by calculating, the more income can be made.
  • BP – Here you people go to business point videos, which is a type of bonus, the more bonus you do, the more bonus you will get and you will be able to earn as much money.

What do Smart Value Fraud & Scam

You can’t call any company like Smart Value to call fraud or scammer because

This gives you your course or your things in exchange for the price of it, however

Most people believe that they come under-motivated and pretend products from such products.

But these people run on the original basis of Affiliate Marketing Refer and Earn, due to which people who are trapped in it add more people to withdraw their money and due to this more people also get caught up.

So this company also gives it to you people in lieu of money, due to which you cannot call this company fraud but

Most people get stuck on it or give them a huge amount of them, due to which they get a lot of problems in the coming time.

It is clearly written in his policy that you cannot refund money from anything and even if you do not want to, you also fill out Nokia’s latest form.

So if you people are not able to connect with more people and do not want to learn anything from the chair, then avoid such companies.

Because these companies follow all the downloads of the government by following the Motivation and that and Sell your big amount products by adding to the people.

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APLL Smart Value Company Reviews

By the way, we ourselves have read a lot of their company and Google releases in which most of the reviews of this company are said to be a fraud.

Most of the people here get caught in their stated schemes and take the scheme and neither are able to use those products and especially their money goes wasted in it.

But some people are less money by adding such money to money, so through what medium you can also join, and if you are an expert to connect more people like them, then you can also earn.

Where we got a lot of videos in which you will also join one of their attendance, which is also explained to you like a meeting, you are charged money to join it.

APLL Smart Value Refer and Earn Program

Yes, let us tell you that if you want to earn a good amount by coming to my friend, then you people can also take support, but here you people have to do a very big amount in the starting itself A lot of time will go away, but if you people add more and more people once, then you can also have a lot of income.

Where more and more people quarrel with them to earn money, although some people are unable to do this and in the same affair, some people come and come on the pretense of people Motivation, but Still, if you are unable to withdraw your money, then if you people will not be able to get more people, then you guys should avoid such things.

Because here you people have to take courses and products at a high price and they have to sell to other people by making flowers.

APLL Smart Value Fake Marketing

Many people call the marketing of Smart Value a fake and spam also because they have been in such a lot of places.

Where these people have also been done in many places where these people loot money by attracting people through fake marketing.

Whereas this happens in Smart Value because most of their offices are in houses inside the streets, and they do not have any offices main road or in a good place.

When these people talk about giving knowledge about computers or talk about giving a certificate, even these people promise big jobs and trap people in their trap.

People get a big amount of money by trusting them due to getting a good job and getting lured, they buy their goods and fall on their deception.

Where these people adopt the start of connecting men, which comes under Refer and Earn, which you have respected, once you have filled the money, then you have to get more people to withdraw it.

And if you connect people and people in smart value, then you keep paying 500 and 1000 rupees commission, so that you get caught in the company and try to bring more people.

However, not everyone knows in the money of money that they are getting caught on a big screen, due to which such companies earn a lot of money.

And due to this marketing, like all the big companies are afraid and AIDS, Smart Value never runs any ad for its company.

And these people do not tell their plan to most people say that we will explain to them about clients near us and similarly those people will attract people even if you go with your entire family, even then you will attract people.

And you people will also be trapped in the pretense of earning good money and earning good money.

Smart Value Products List

Smart Value Products I get a lot of products from you guys, some of which we tell you guys

  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Fashion 
  • Education courses  
  • Dvd 
  • Books 

Like products in smart value. I get the price of you people from ₹ 6000 to ₹ 30000.

And if you get the Combo of all these products, then you bring more profit.

This is a type of MLM company in which a lot of people can cost a lot of smart value products and their quality may be reduced.

Due to this, you people are able to earn a lot of good margins from their products, but still, you are not able to earn a good margin in this, in this, you have to work very hard and have to fall behind and they have to fall behind and they have to convene.

If you are an expert in doing, then you people can join such a company, but we do not give you the decoration to connect people to any such company.

Is APLL a Fraud Company?

Where many compulsions and scams are also coming out against them.

You are a company working with a lot of smart value in the name of APLL which is not on their own website.

APLL sells its very famous computer courses at a huge price and tries to attract more and more people to itself.

Many people buy these course scopes and they do not seem too much the value of all these efforts, due to which those people also start telling them in a thug company.

Where if you connect with APLL Smart Value, then starting is started to take money from you from where you can first get ₹ 200 from you, and after that, you can convey it to you. 18000 Sell ​​big courses up to up to

This has not been mentioned on the man’s website many people get trapped in this affair and they also ask for a huge scam, while there are many such videos on YouTube in which people are trapped. And such companies name companies with fraud and scams.

So if you people are also going to connect it to the C company, then by knowing all these things that you will understand that you should join such companies or not, you should understand one thing, so that you should understand that you Will be able to take good conclusions of people

And you will be able to understand whether you should join such companies or not


Is Smart Value APLL a fraud company?

It is not so, but some people start doing it without going and they feel that this is another company.

Can we really get too much running and job from here?

So far no one has come out, which has been employed through this company.

Is it trapped here in the name of motivation?

Yes, here you are sold by giving a lot of motivation to people.

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