Off Page SEO: The Beginner Guide You Should Know

Nowadays all bloggers want their blogs to be ranked at the top of Google. For which they optimize their blog. Two things are most important for optimization.

But, today we will tell you about Off Page SEO. Off-page SEO means not only creating backlinks but also many other things involved in it. Like guest posting, article submission, blog commenting, etc. 

The role of off-page SEO is very important to increase the blog’s organic traffic. If this is done properly then traffic will drive like crazy.

However, if your website content is high quality and people enjoy reading, then your blog will get backlinks automatically, leading to off-page SEO.

Today, In this article we will give you information about off-page SEO as well as why it is essential if you want to do off-page SEO on your website or blog then how will you do it? This will also be known. So you will get to learn a lot in the article, so definitely read till the end.

Ready? Let’s roll it…

What is Off-Page SEO?

It is also known by the name of site SEO. Off-page SEO is an important ranking factor that Google looks for when ranking a blog.

Off-page SEO you do not on your website but on other different platforms. This increases the Domain Authority (DA) of your website.

In Off-page SEO, all the activities and techniques you do outside your website to get a higher position in the SERPs and to increase the ranking in search engines.

Many people understand this to mean only link building, in which you have to focus only on building backlinks while there are many more things.

On-page SEO is done inside your blog while off-site SEO is done outside your website. Like if you do comment or guest post on other blogs then you have off-page SEO techniques.

How does this Off Page SEO works?

You have learned about off-page SEO, now it is your turn now to do off-page SEO for your blog properly so that the ranking of our blog is good in Google and more and more organic traffic comes. So let’s know about some of the most important ways by which you can do off-site SEO.

Why Off-Page SEO is Important?

Google looks at many ranking factors while ranking our website, out of which the role of Off-page SEO is important. If the off-page SEO strategies of your website or blog are correct, then the chances of your website being ranked in Google increase to a great extent.

However, the algorithm of search engines is always changing. But there are some ranking factors that are the same.

However, it is very difficult to tell how Google’s algorithm ranks a website.

13 Off-Page SEO Techniques

There are many effective ways by which you can do an off-SEO of your website or blog. The most useful methods among them are given below –

Submitting Articles

So nowadays there are many article submission platforms. It is a library of many topics in which people submit articles according to their blog niche and give a link to their blog. You can write articles on whatever topic or niche your blog is on and submit them to these platforms.

Some popular article submission website names –

  • Now Public
  • Articlebiz

Blog Commenting

In this, you have to find those blogs which have high DA, and PA, and the ranking of the article is the best. Commenting on such a blog brings traffic to your blog and backlink is also formed.

While commenting you do not have to spam, write genuine comments only then your comment will be approved on that website. Put a hyperlink in the comment only if it is allowed in that blog, otherwise, it can also show negative results.

Social Bookmarking

In this, you give the URL of your website to famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Reddit to promote the content of your blog. 

While submitting, write the title, image, and good description of the article. If your content is good for people to see, then that link will be clicked and the traffic of the blog will increase.

Q&A Website & Forums Sites

This is a great solution in which you create your account on a forum or Q&A website. And the topic (niche) on which your blog is on, joins that group or community.

Their people ask questions in many ways, if you know the answer to any of them, then you can answer it. The more people you answer the questions, the more people will recognize you.

By doing this you become an identity in the group. People know you and take advice too. If you have been asked any such question on which you have written an article on your blog, then you can add a link to that article with your answer. So that if people want more information about it, then they can read it by visiting your blog. Now, this does not mean that you just keep sharing the link of your blog in that group continuously. First, give valuable information to the people so that they can be helped after that link is attached, otherwise, you will be banned from that platform.

By doing this you get backlinks from this forum website as well as traffic comes to your blog from there.

Guest Posting

In this, you have to write an article on a blog similar to your topic, so that that site will get a backlink to your blog and your blog will have off-page optimization. Before guest posting, check the DA, PA, and spam score of the blog for which you are writing, because if you guest post on a bad website, then there is no benefit nor the quality of the backlink you get from there will be high.

Search Engine Submission

Submit your website or blog to famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that your website crawls quickly and gets a good ranking.

Share Photos on Other Platforms

If a lot of images and infographics have been used in your blog content, then you can bring traffic from there to your blog by uploading these images to the popular photo-sharing platform. While submitting the image, you have to write its title and description correctly, and put the URL of that article, so that people click on it and come to your website.

Directory Submission Platforms

This is a process in which you submit the URL of your blog or website to the web directory so that you can get backlinks from there and increase traffic on the blog.

This is an off-page SEO technique that creates inbound links to our website. This gives a backlink to our blog, which helps increase our blog’s DA and PA.

Before submitting the article, check their guidelines carefully once.

Before submitting the post on the directory submission website, check its spam score, if the score is 1% then there is no problem. This will make your backlinks high quality. This helps in the indexing of our blog or website.

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Major Off-page SEO Roles

According to many experts, Google has about 200 ranking factors, which one looks at while giving a ranking position to a website or blog in its SERPs. It is not necessary if you have done all these 200 factors well, then only your website will rank. It is not like this at all, no one knows which are these 200 ranking factors, but there is some work that if you do on your website then the ranking is better.

If a website follows that factor then they get a good ranking and a poor ranking. Mainly, there are two most important factors in SEO, first on-page SEO, and second off-page SEO, apart from this there are many factors, but these two are the most important. Which all SEO experts also advise doing. So if you want a good ranking then you cannot forget this factor.


Today, we learn about What is Off-Page SEO? And how to do this on your website or blog? With that, we also saw how off-page SEO affects our website’s ranking in SERPs.

Please, share this useful article with your friends, so that they know about this SEO concept. Write down your thought in the comment box and ask any questions regarding this topic.

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