11 Mind-blowing Web Development Courses

All the businesses that are doing their business online nowadays, of them, need a website because they know how important a website is for their business to grow online.

Seeing this demand, many people are learning web development, but many people do not even know how and from where to learn this skill. If you have the same question then stay tuned in this article.

In today’s article, we have told about the best web development course,  through which you can learn this skill. Many web development courses will be found by searching on the internet but which one is for you? In this way, if you enroll in any wrong course, then both your time and money will be wasted. To overcome this problem, today in this article I have given information about all the courses from beginner to advanced level.

11 Best Web Development Courses 

Web development is a growing industry. The demand for these skills is very high, which is increasing continuously, in such a situation, if you learn them, then it will be very beneficial for you.

In this article, I have talked about the 11 best web development courses. Some of these courses are free, some have to be paid for.

Computer Programming

Whenever it comes to learning coding or programming, you must have heard about the khan academy platform. This is a very good platform through which you can learn programming languages. 

For those people who do not know about the program at all and want to learn, then it can prove to be a great course for them. At Khan Academy, you focus on the basic fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Python, and other programming languages. Along with this, information about game designing, SQL, etc. is also available.

For beginners, this course is the first step through which they move towards web development. You will get to learn a lot from the course. The best thing is that it is all absolutely free.

The Easiest Way To Learn to Code: Pro

It has some lessons in HTML and CSS first, and after that other programming languages ​​like python, and SQL are taught. You get to learn about all the essential fundamental concepts related to web development. The duration of this course is approximately 30 weeks.

Which you can complete according to your time. However, this is a premium course for which the total cost is $39.88/ month.

Learn Web Development (Mozilla) 

In the course, you will not only get to learn through learning lessons, as well as resources related to it are also given, which will help you to know additional concepts in detail. Whether you are new to coding or have little knowledge, this course is for everyone.

Another important thing about this course is that more videos are not available in it as compared to other courses. That is, if you can learn coding by reading, then this course will be right for you. This course is available absolutely free. 

Web Developer Bootcamp

Another great web development course comes from the Udemy platform. Those who want to make their career in web development, they will get to learn many valuable things from this course. It has about 64 hours of video course content as well as 116 downloadable resources.

A total of 62 exercises are available for practicing whatever you have learned, on completing which your skills will be better. In the course Javascript, HTML, CSS3, AJAX, etc. are taught in the course.

If you go somewhere to take a job, if you have this certificate during that time then it will be of great help. There are many people who do not know anything about web development but through this course, they learned well and also made a good career.

If you also want to make a career in web development then this course will help you a lot. This premium course costs $149.99.

Javascript Fundamental

Javascript is an important programming language for learning web development. You can learn from this free course found on the Udemy platform. There are many lessons in this, valuable information is available in each lesson.

At the beginning of the course, the basic fundamentals of JavaScript are taught. So that the following things can be better understood. In the course, more attention is given to the learning of javascript. If you want to learn javascript from the beginning then you can go towards this course. 

Programming Fundamental With Python

Python is a high-level programming language that is used not only in web development but also in AI and data analytics. The demand for python is increasing in many companies. This course is available to you on the Udemy platform.

In this, the basic concepts of python like looping statements, and decision-making are told. The course is divided into short lessons of about 10 – 10 minutes according to the topic. So that everything can be understood, those who want to learn Python must do this course.  

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developer

This free course is available on the Coursera platform. In this, it is taught to use the basic tools of HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are necessary during web development.

How to make a fully functional web application from Javascript, this skill is also taught. The basics of HTML5 and CSS3 are available in the course. This course has been created by Yaaken Chalkin.

This course has got a rating of 4.7, which tells how great the course is. More than 7 lakh people have enrolled in the course. Along with this, a certificate is also available upon completion of the course.

Javascript Algorithm and Data Structures

If someone wants to become an expert in this language by learning the algorithm of JavaScript and its data structure, then this course is very important. You get absolutely free but the information found inside is fantastic. Which will help you in making a great web developer. 

Advanced Web Developer Boot Camp

This is a paid course that costs $124.99. In this, about 34 hours of video content and 121 downloadable resources are available. Along with this, there are also 18 exercises for the practice of coding, through which you will be of great help in improving your skills.

After completing the course, you will also get a certificate which you can apply to your resume as a strength. It teaches about advanced web technologies like Redux, React 16, CSS Flexbox, AJAX, etc.

All these are taught by professional Bootcamp instructors who have years of experience in coding. Advanced CSS, Advanced Javascript, and NodeJS are also taught, which are seen in very few courses.

You should have to know programming languages. Only then you will be able to know how variables are created, through arrays, functions, and looping javascript. Therefore it would be better if you learn HTML & CSS from the above-mentioned web development course, only then watch this course. 

C50’s Web Programming with Python and Javascript

Fundamentals are taught in this course. It provides in-depth information about designing and implementing web apps, Javascript and SQL. Along with this, you are taught to create and use APIs. There are also many advanced lessons in the course.

It takes a total of 12 weak to finish the course. This is the most popular web development course available online. The course is divided into 9 lectures. The time of each lecture is 1 to 2 hours.

There are some projects in this in which you have to make your own website. All information is free. After completing the course, you get the skill to build a website. 

Understanding Web Development: A Beginner Guide to the Web 

Another great web development course that teaches you the basic things that you should know if you want to go towards web development. From the course, you will understand how web development works.

And you will get to know clearly how to use this in-demand skill in your career. Some topics like Frontend vs. Backend, WordPress, MYSQL, PHP, etc. get learned. After completing the course, you can also get a certificate for free.

This course is present in the Skillshare platform, which you can access directly from the website or by downloading the app from your phone itself.


I hope that you must have got to learn something by reading the information I have given about web development courses.

I told you about so many web development courses.  Whichever course you like, go through it and start your journey.

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