Step-by-Step Guide To Become a Game Developer

The gaming industry is rapidly growing day by day. Did you know around 2.8 billion gamers exist all over the world? 

If game designing, development, or animation interests you then, choosing a career option of a Game developer can be beneficial for you.

The demand for video games is increasing every day. You see, lots of people spend most of their time on games. 

Nowadays countless games are launching every day in the market. All games have unique concepts or animation, which attracts people towards them. 

A few decades back we saw children play physical games such as football and cricket, but those scenes have decreased continuously. 

Children as well as adults both refer to virtual games rather than physical activity. Which is the main reason why this industry growth is remarkable and highly demandable.

Many people are thinking of making a career in it, but due to a lack of information, they are confused about how to do it.

I will show you the exact path to becoming a game developer in India.

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What is Game Development?

The process of creating the games that you play on a computer and phone is called game development. Game developers also manage the game’s servers and maintain them so you enjoy your game without any issues. 

Lots of game types such as adventure, mystery, action, puzzles, and so on, a game developer build. Behind every game you see, there are lots of development steps involved including animation designing, coding, graphics designing, and more 

A developer makes any type of game but it’s not a one-person game. You need a team of developers, who work together and build games.

Become a Game Developer In India

Choosing game development as a career is a very good option for you.

If someone is passionate about game design or development, then it will not be too difficult for him to become a game developer. 

Along with this, creativity skills and analytics skills are important. Using these skills you create a game to attract more people.

Complete Primary Education

The first step in making a career in any field is to complete your primary education first.

After this, further preparation has to be done for a diploma or any computer course. You have to pass 12th in primary education. 

If there is a subject of computer science in class 12th, then it is very good because computer and technical skills are taught there which are used in game development.

Learn Programming 

To become a game developer, the most important thing is to learn to code. Just as we use language to communicate with each other, computers have a language through which we give commands to them. 

This language is called programming language or coding. If you want to become a game developer then it should be known that the developer does the coding and designing of the game to make the number of games that are made.

Without coding, neither game is made nor designing is possible, so the game developer must know the programming language because all games are created by coding. The better the programming skills, the better and smoother the game will be. 

Also, bugs will not be present in the game. When you prepare for a diploma or degree, during that time all the coding and technical skills which are used in making games are taught. 

Apart from this, there are many apps and websites from where programming languages ​​can be learned.

Build a Portfolio

When you apply for a job in the company, without a portfolio and resume the company will reject your application immediately. 

The complete information about what skills a developer has is written in the portfolio, if it is not the same then how will the company know what your skill is? 

If you have developed any game of your own, then you can also show that in your resume strength. By doing this, the chances of getting a job increase to a great extent.

Good at Maths & Physics 

Just as programming is essential during game development. Similarly, Maths and Physics should also be strong, because many minor coding errors keep coming in the process of making games, to overcome which one should have a good understanding of maths. 

If you study for a BCA or Diploma degree, all these things are taught in it, which you have to understand carefully so that you can remove the errors in game development.

Analysis Video Games

Before making a game, it is also important to know how the game is made and how it works. 

You analyze things like graphics, animation, sound effects, etc. used in video games.

Is Game Developer the Right Career Option?

Before going into any field, the question that comes to mind is whether it is right to choose a career or not. 

As I told you, the demand for game developers seems to be increasing continuously. Everyone from kids to young people like video games. 

Which shows how much scope there is in this career and if you become a game developer then really can prove to be a great career option. 

The gaming industry is growing rapidly in India along with the whole world. That’s why many people are choosing to go towards this career.

The workload of Game Developers

Becoming a game developer is not as easy as it looks. There are many responsibilities on them, which include team management, game designing, animation, graphic designing, etc.

Types of Job Roles in Game Development

Becoming a game developer is a better career option if you are creative and passionate about it. 

In-game making, apart from coding and animation, there are many tasks for which you can apply for a job.

  • Game Marketer
  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Game Animator
  • Graphic Designer

Game Development Courses in India

  • Diploma in Game Programming
  • B.Sc in Graphics, Gaming, and Animation
  • Certificate Course in Game Art 
  • DesignMaster’s on Game Developer
  • Diploma in Game Design and Integration
  • M.Sc in Game Design and Development
  • Science and Game Development
  • Professional Diploma in Game Art
  • B.Sc in Game Design & Development
  • B.Sc in Multimedia & Animation

Best Books For Game Developers

  • Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games
  • Game Theory: An Introduction by Steve Tadelis
  • Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory
  • Unity Game Development Cookbook
  • Unity From Zero to Proficiency

Eligibility For Game Developers 

In many game designing and publishing companies, there is a high demand for people who have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in computer science.

To become a game developer, it is not mandatory that you must have a degree, only then you will be able to make games. Gaming development is such a field where a degree is important but if you don’t have a degree but you have talent and skill then the company sees your skills. 

Many game developers do not have any degree yet they are doing very well in this field.

Skills of a Game Developer

If you want to become a better game developer then there are some important skills by which you perform well in this field. 

A game developer should have these essential soft skills which he uses during game development.

Problem Solving Skills 

There are countless errors in programs while making games. Sometimes mistakes happen in coding and sometimes in animation.

In this situation, the developer’s mind must be problem-solving, only then he will be able to rectify these mistakes. 

Many technical problems and coding errors come in the development. The developer first analyzes where is the problem and how to fix it. 

The biggest advantage of problem-solving skills is that the developer uses a variety of techniques to fix the errors of that game.

Team Management 

The hard work of many people is behind all the games that are made. 

Tasks like designing, programming, development, animation, and marketing games are very difficult for just one developer. 

For this, there is a team of game developers. The work of each member of the team is different, some pay attention to the design of the game, and some to its animation. 

The whole team works to make a game, which can be managed only by those who know teamwork skills.

Creativity Skill 

The most demanded skill in the gaming industry is creativity skill. If you bring something into your game that is completely different and people have never seen it before today, then the game can become very famous. 

Creativity helps generate different ideas in the mind of the game developer. 

Those who have this skill are always looking for ways to improve their game and try to make the graphics and animation high quality.

Communication Skills

Communication is an important skill for game developers so that they can put their ideas in front of people and explain the work to other developers in their team. 

This includes written as well as verbal communication skills. The need for written skills helps the developer to create video game reports while the use of verbal communication skills comes in handy while designing games and giving presentations to their team members.

If you want to know more about communication skills, then we have a There is also an article written which you can read. 

There you will find complete information about it.

Adaptability Skill 

This is a kind of key skill for the developer because every day new games are coming into the gaming industry, so if you do not upgrade yourself with it, then there will be a lot of trouble in game development. 

If a game developer is ready for change, he does a great job in game development.

Game Developer Salary In India 

If we talk about the salary of a game developer in India, then it is around 4 to 5 lakhs. 

This salary keeps on increasing gradually with your experience and skills. Apart from this, your salary also depends a lot on the company and how your skills. 

If you also want to do a job, then you can develop and sell your own game and earn good money from it.

What does a Game Developer do?

All the games you play on your computer or mobile phone are created by the game developer. 

Along with this, a game developer takes care of all the work of maintaining and managing the servers of those games.

Best College for Game Development

There are some best colleges in India where game development is best studied, whose names are as follows –

Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

Arena Animation Sayajigunj, Gujarat

Chitkara University, Punjab

Parul University, Gujarat

MUIT Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Pearl Academy, Mumbai

NID Ahmedabad, Gujarat

MIT Institute of Design, Pune

Artemesia College of Art and Design, Indore

Creative Mentors Animation & Gaming College, Hyderabad


Is a certificate necessary to become a game developer? 

No, if you have a good understanding of game designing and coding, then no need for a certificate. Lots of developers are there who don’t hold a degree but are still going. Certificates are more important than skill in it. 

Which is the best programming language for a game developer? 

The most widely used language is C++, from which most games are made.

Is it hard to be a game developer? 

If you are interested in coding and game designing then choose this career so that you enjoy learning game development.

How long does it take to become a game developer?

If you do a bachelor’s degree, then it takes 4 years to do a bachelor’s degree in game designing and another 2 to 3 years.


I hope, from today’s article, how did you become a game developer? Which course or degree would be right for this? and similar related information. 

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