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Career in Google : There will be hardly anyone in today’s world who does not know that there is google. How many of you search for how many questions on google? Do you know how google answers all those questions?

Google presents the answers to the questions we have searched in front of us through the website or webpage.

For example – if you did your search for what a computer is, then google will match the question asked by you from all the databases and websites available on the Internet and will show all the data related to it on its result page. By which you will get the answer to your question. Overall we can say that google is a search engine.

Now you must have come to know what it is, Google.

Now we know a little more about google like

Google History

Google was founded in January 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both of them did their PhD from Stan for university, and then together they first chose the world wide web. Both of them started searching for the algorithm so that all the websites could be linked together so that their pages could be ranked based on their property. For the next four years, both of them did fantastic research day and night. Finally, in September 1996, they were able to find such an algorithm.

Google ka Naam is derived from the math word gougl, which means 100 zeros next to 1 digit. The goggle that was launched for the first time is still present on the website of Stan for University. Later, Larry and Brin founded Google in the company in 1998 by taking a loan of one million dollars from their family, friends and investors. And because of its unique concept and algorithm, google very soon became the most popular engine in the world.

Then from here, Larry and Brin did not look back. Then in 2004, google was launched in the lion market, where people invested fiercely and googled became the world’s largest company. Google has more than 50 products like youtube, a browser, Gmail, Google translate, and chrome.

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Who is the owner of Google?

Larry Page

Sergey Brin

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Who is the CEO of Google?

Sundar Pichai

The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, full form of CEO-

Chief executive officer

(Chief Executive Officer)

 Google is an American company.

whose headquarters

 Mountain View is in California, United States.

Can we earn money by working at Google?

Yes, we can earn money by working at Google. Google is done in many ways from which we can make money. You all know that nowadays, most of the work is done online, which is all through google only. are done

There are many ways to work in Google. like –


Playing games



Copy, paste etc.

How to get a job at Google?

Suppose it is not easy to get a job at Google. If you get a job at it, then your life becomes very easy. Do you know that 20 lakh people apply every year to get a job at google, but only 5 thousand of them get the Only job available? Google’s branches are installed in different countries of the world. But google’s offices are also there in big cities of our country like Mumbai, Gurugram, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Google is not like all other companies. Working at Google is no less than a dream because Google gives many facilities apart from a good salary.

Employees at Google are highly confident and enthusiastic, so they work hard for the success of their company. And in return, Google gives them a high salary, compensation package, bonus and financial rewards. Google conducts a placement process to select bright and talented employees, including tests and interviews.

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What is the eligibility to get a job at Google?

The Google company says that there is no one type of Google employee. In which everyone should have the same speciality. That’s why google is looking for people who can bring a new perspective and life experience to the google team if you are looking for a place that values ​​your curiosity, passion and willingness to learn. If you are looking for someone ready to face significant challenges as a team, then you are a future googler.

What should be the qualification to get a job at Google?

To get a job at Google, you must have a degree in or MCA. It would help if you had 65% marks in your whole academic career. You should have 65% marks in 10th, 12th,, and MCA. You should have complete knowledge of the English language.

Must have good knowledge of the Internet, web research, online advertising, fraud detection, numerical analysis and e-commerce. You should be proficient in maths, reasoning, good written, verbal, and good communication skills, and you should have good programming skills like C, C++, Java etc. You should also have complete knowledge of computer software and hardware.

Job category in Google?

1. Engineering

Google includes software engineering, STA (static timing analysis) applications development, product management etc.

  2. Business

Goggle includes quantitative business analysis, business operation management, sales strategy etc., for non-technical jobs.

  3. Design

 The design category includes UI (user interface), UX (user experience) designing, UX writing, visual design, UX research etc.

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Now we will know how to apply for a job at Google.

You can apply in 3 ways to get a job at Google.

1. Apply online using a website.

To get a job at Google, you must visit the career website. You have to apply by going to

 There you can see the job requirement for different posts and different places. You can apply for any job that matches your skill and experience. You can also send your resume by selecting the position according to your qualification. Keep in mind that your resume should be adequate. You will only get a call for an interview; otherwise, you will be rejected.

2. Campus placement

For the placement program of the college, google selects some famous colleges or university colleges like IIT, NIT, DTU etc.

3. Asia Pacific (APAC) test

APAC test is an online exam conducted by Google, which has been created to search for young talent in computer science and its related field. This is a boarding contest organized by google every year.

Those who are interested can take part in it. The top contestant in this exam gets the golden opportunity to interview for a technical job on google.

Now know what happens after applying?

 After applying online, if google feels that you can work with them, then you get a call for an interview. Interview in Google is conducted both by telephone or hangout, and onside, if the recruiter likes your application for a role, then their next step is a telephone or hangout interview with google. For technical positions, you are asked questions about data structure and algorithms in the discussion.

You can be ready for a lot of coding and logical questions. Behind each question, you are assessed so that you can get the correct information about your talent. After passing the telephonic interview, you are called to google’s office for an onsite consultation. In which your general knowledgeability is seen, the quality of your leadership is also seen. The question related to the goal is asked from which it is found out whether you are an expert in your work or not.

During the interview, you are given many situations you have to solve, based on which you have to answer their question if you pass the interview. So you are given training for a few days according to your position, and after that, you are given a joining letter.

How much is the salary for working at google?

The bigger the company is, Google, the bigger its salary package.

The salary of Google employees is Rs 1 crore annually.

Features provided by Google

 Along with a good salary package, many facilities are also given by google. As employees are provided free food, a swimming pool, relax house, a gym, medical help etc., to reduce stress, Google also allows its employees to work from home. According to Google policy, if an employee dies, Google also gives half of his salary to his family.

If their children are small, then they are given 1 thousand dollars per month, which is given to them till they are 19 years old. They get a chance to work with complete freedom at google and pressure to work here. It is also not given that everyone wants to work at Google so that they get a good salary and their future can also be good.

So now you must have come to know how to get a job at Google. If you have talent and work experience, you can quickly get a job at Google.

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