Career Options After 12th Science 2022-23

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If you’ve completed your studies with biology as a science stream in 12th grade and would like to pursue an impact in a field outside of medicine, this article is for you. Beyond medicine, there are numerous different fields where there are better options for career choices for students with a sciences background (Career After Science). From botany to zoology, in this article, we’re providing information on the specific fields that offer better options for career advancement.

career options after 12th science pcm

After having completed the 12th class with the Science streams i.e., Physics (Physical Science), Chemistry (Chemistry), and Biology or Mathematics (Biology) subject students usually want to become engineers or doctors, but if you’re among the students who aren’t interested in these, if you’d like to pursue a career path by studying an alternative course, you have a variety of options.

1- Career In Horticulture

Horticulture, also known as Bhagwani in Hindi, is a more suitable option in terms of a career. It is possible to earn diplomas, graduation, and master’s degrees in this area. In addition to studies in this field, it is possible to perform Green House Manager and Technician posts.

2- Career In Botany

If you’ve studied in the Science stream, you may get a job in Botany. Numerous colleges across the country offer botany courses. After completing this course, you could be employed as a Nursery Manager.

2- Career In Botany

Zoology is an exciting career option for students who have a science stream. Science stream students can begin their mark in positions such as Wildlife educator and Professor. In addition, students are also able to study abroad in this area.

4- Career In Radiography

In addition to MBBS, If you want to pursue a career in the field of science, then Radiography could be the best option. The students can earn a living as Radiologists or Radiology assistants. There are many options for radiography, both in the government and private sector.

5- Career in Microbiology

There are many career possibilities within the microbiology field for those who have completed the 12th test of the sciences stream. Many institutes across the country offer classes; after having completed Microbiology, students may pursue their profession in the field of lab technician, Quality Control, Healthcare, etc.

Some Other Career Options After 12th Science

Video game

Video game production is being run on Boost. There are numerous multinational and local companies involved in this industry. To succeed in this area, one needs to master computer programming and graphic design. It requires a lot of imagination. With the highest pay rates in this sector, the future is also a golden one.

App Developer

Nowadays, everything happens online. In this scenario, an excellent career could be made as an application developer. You can begin your name in the field by enrolling in the course in app development. The salary is also in the millions. Nowadays, everybody is conducting business online. In this situation, everybody advertises or sells their company or product using the application.

Software developer

It is possible to earn 7 figure pay by becoming a software developer. Numerous companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google hire software developers and pay their employees lakhs. Every bank has also gone online, and all offices have their software developed. In this scenario, it’s a job that will never be re-assessed.


After 12thgrade, you can do BCA as well. BCA could be an ideal choice for you if you’re interested in computers. You could work in any good IT firm when you have completed the program. If you pursue a post-graduate MCA following BCA, you could have an excellent living in computer science. In this area, also the pay is in thousands.


If you’ve ever wanted to become an airline pilot, then you can pursue this career path after completing your 12th. Private schools also offer this type of course. Today, the demand for commercial pilots is growing; therefore, taking this course is the most suitable option.

Merchant Navy

There’s a better option for this course at today’s moment. Through this course, students can pursue courses like Marine Engineering and Nautical Science and maintenance of ships. Through this, you will have the opportunity to visit many nations. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to serve your country.

Animations in the field

If you’re looking to do something original, then after 12th grade, you can pursue an income within the world of animation. Today animated films and spirits are prevalent, which means there is a lot to do with energy. Today, a lot of institutions have been established that provide animation classes.

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Diploma Courses after 12th Science

Suppose you are looking to begin your career as quickly as you can. However, if you do not wish to undertake longer courses, you can opt for shorter courses in this situation.

The most sought-after of these courses is Diploma Courses. Diploma Courses following 12th Science tend to be shorter, while the courses learn more hands-on rather than by giving the course in more remarkable particulars. This means that you have a job that you are happy with and many opportunities for your future.

Learn more about the diploma courses you can pursue after 12th Science.

Information Technology Film Arts & A/V EditingEvent ManagementAir Crew
Drawing and PaintingCutting and TailoringAnimation and MultimediaGraphic Designing
Diploma in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing Application Software Development – DASDTextile Designing – DTDHospital & Health Care Management
Physical Medicine and RehabilitationComputer Hardware Web DesigningPrint Media Journalism & Communications
Film Making & Digital Video ProductionMass CommunicationMass Media and Creative WritingAnimation Film Making
Air HostessDress Designing – DDDFashion Designing – DFDForeign Language Courses

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