Careers in Law: A Detailed Guide to Start Your Journies

Careers in Law: A majority of us think the law program has only a few choices in this course. You can be a judge or lawyer only after completing law school. However, it’s not the case, as it seems. After completing their studies, law students can find numerous fields like administration, industrial, and cyber that can provide excellent job opportunities. Law professionals are required in nearly every business and industry. In this new age, the corporate culture is becoming more prominent and in need of lawful. There are a variety of high-paying job opportunities available.

Careers in Law-Entrance Exams & Courses

To be admitted to law school, students must pass entrance tests such as CLAT, AILET, or LSAT India. Students can choose between two options for the Bachelor of Law (LLB) course: a three-year duration LLB course that can be completed after graduation. Additionally, an integrated course of five years is available to undergraduate students. Following the LLB course, the law syllabus is expanded and covers many areas. In this, there are a variety of possibilities, such as Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Patent Law, Cyber Law, Family Law, Banking Law, Tax Law, etc. Students can choose by their preferences. As per experts’ advice, all of these are highly specialized fields.

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Premier institute

– Gujarat National Law University, Gandhi Nagar

– Symbiosis Societies Law College, Pune

– National Law University, Jodhpur

– Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

– Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

– Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

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Government Job

The central and state federal government administers civil and Judicial Service exams to test law school students. After passing these exams, they can gain employment as judges in courts and other top positions. In addition, there is also an opportunity to get a judicial clerkship, a law clerk, or an assistant for the judge. After passing the Bar Council exam, students can take on cases for the government and its different departments. Additionally, law students can be advocates at courts like the Supreme Court, High Court, and District Court. In these courts, they can have the option to select between tax, civil and criminal sectors, as well as corporate, depending on their preferences.

Private sector

Today, large companies and law firms are giving law school students many positions. They employ Legal Analysts to solve different business issues and legal services. Law students who study in these locations will receive an initial payment of anywhere from Rs 6 to 10 lakhs to become an analyst in Law. In addition, legal experts are required in startup companies, NGOs, and other organizations involved with social work. Additionally, numerous private institutions, schools and, colleges, religious institutions also have legal experts to handle the legal challenges.

In which field you can make careers

Law Career Law as a Career is a well-known profession that serves society. A Law Professional acts as a liaison between the Legislature and the Executive and Judiciary. After law school, there are a variety of opportunities for careers available to young people, through help from which abilities are put to good use. In addition to career opportunities, respect also is public within this field. If you’re considering pursuing a law degree, be aware of the areas you could make your career.

1- Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers represent their clients in court on criminal cases. They can present their issues for their client in the court of their choice, whether it is local, the high court, or Supreme Court. Criminal lawyers in India receive an average wage of 7 lakhs per year. While a new lawyer could earn an average salary of Rs. 2 lakh per year, and an experienced lawyer could earn an average of up to 30 lakh per year.

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2- Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers help firms to adhere to the regulations of their field. They assist their clients with all legal procedures related to the establishment and operation of the company. Corporate lawyers earn an average of the sum of 6.9 lakh annually.

3- Judicial Service

There are opportunities for all government positions after the Law. If you’ve completed your graduation in Law and are looking to pursue a career in government, the options of judicial work are there for you. To be eligible, you need to take part in the examination for the competitiveness of the states. A salary of 2.2 Lakhs is paid each month if you are selected for the exam. Other benefits will be provided.

4- Legal Journalist

If you’re passionate about writing about legal matters and you want to pursue journalism as a profession you can find an ideal career path for you: an attorney journalist. In order to be successful with this type of job, one should possess excellent communication and writing abilities. This could be a more lucrative alternative to a traditional career with more prospects. Legal journalists can begin their careers in India with pay of 3.7 lakhs per year.

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