What is Jio Space Fiber: Plan, Price,  launch date?

Just to let you know, the main goal of this technology is to provide internet service to the most remote areas of India, which are often left behind. Jio Space Fiber uses satellite-based gigabit fiber technology, which makes it very easy to provide internet service even in the most deserted areas.

Jio has launched a new service called Jio Space Fiber at the IMC (Indian Mobile Congress 2023) event this year. But very few people know what Jio Space Fiber is all about. So, in this article, we will learn about all the big and small things related to Jio Space Fiber technology.

jio launch jio air fiber some time ago. Jio is planning to bring a new service to all parts of our country at an affordable price. Let’s see how this new Jio Space Fiber technology will benefit our country. To learn all about Jio Space Fiber, you will need to read this post completely. So, let’s get started.

What is Jio Space Fiber technology?

Jio Space Fiber is a special internet service that uses satellites to bring internet to remote and underserved areas in India. It is designed to provide fast internet access to places where there are no fiber optic or wireless networks available.

This uses a group of satellites called low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide internet connections to people. Recently, Jio launched a wireless broadband service called Jio AirFiber, but it is only available in a few cities right now.

Jio SpaceFiber is a type of internet that is much faster and better than regular internet. It can provide speeds up to 1 Gbps, which is really fast! It also has less delay, which is important for things like video calls.

Jio SpaceFiber service will be available for both people who live in houses and people who have businesses. And the cost of this service will be much lower compared to other internet services.

ServiceJio SpaceFiber
TechnologyMedium earth orbit (MEO) satellite technology.
Speedup to 1 Gbps
Launched ByJio and SES (at IMC 2023)
CompetitorStarlink (Elon Musk)
AvailableGir, GujaratKorba, ChhattisgarhNabarangpur, OdishaJorhat, Assam
Prime Target450 million Indians (Remote Location)

Where is Jio SpaceFiber Service available?

Right now, this service is in its early stages, but even so, it is being tested in some very faraway places in India. This testing is still going on in these four areas.

  • Gir, Gujarat
  • Korba, Chhattisgarh
  • Nabarangpur, Odisha
  • Jorhat, Assam

What are the key features of Jio SpaceFiber?

Let us know what are the key features of Jio SpaceFiber are.

Low Latency

This means that it has very low delay, which is very important for playing games and using other apps that require fast performance

High speeds

This will be really fast, with a speed of up to 1 Gbps. It’s faster than other satellite internet services that are more common.

Wide Coverage

Jio SpaceFiber will be available to all people in India, even in faraway places where there is no access to fiber optic or wireless networks.

Competitive Pricing

Jio SpaceFiber is going to set a competitive price, so it won’t be difficult for people to buy it. After looking at all this, it seems like Jio SpaceFiber is getting ready to bring a big change so that everyone in India can have internet access at their homes.

What could be the price of Jio SpaceFiber?

Jio SpaceFiber is a service that Jio is going to offer, but they haven’t announced the price or when it will be available yet. They want it to be cheaper than other internet providers. Jio says that people in rural areas will be able to enjoy internet connectivity at an affordable price with this service.

Jio SpaceFiber Vs Starlink

In my opinion, Jio Space Fiber might have a tough competition with Starlink in India. This is because Jio already has a strong hold in this market and it gives them an extra advantage in setting the prices. Additionally, Jio is also favored by the government. Jio Space Fiber seems to be inspired by global players like Elon Musk’s Starlink. Just like Starlink has made its satellite internet popular for global coverage all over the world, Reliance Jio in India is also trying to bring the same concept to India.

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I hope you understand what Jio SpaceFiber is all about now. Ever since the news about Jio SpaceFiber came out, people in India have become more aware of digital services. Jio SpaceFiber is bringing a revolution in internet services, just like JioFiber and JioAirFiber. It is helping people who didn’t have internet access before and also improving internet connectivity in rural and remote areas. This is a new beginning for digital rights in India.

What is the difference between JioFi and Jio AirFiber?

Jio AirFiber can work with the 5G network that is already there, but JioFiber needs the network to be available in the area where people want to use it.

What is Jio AirFiber cost?

You can get really fast internet with AirFiber Max. They have different packages you can choose from. The cheapest one costs Rs. 899 and gives you unlimited internet at a speed of 100 Mbps. The next package costs Rs. 1,199 and also gives you unlimited internet at the same speed. If you want even faster internet, you can choose the base package, which costs Rs. 1,499 and gives you 300 Mbps of data. The most expensive package costs Rs. 2,499 and gives you unlimited internet at a speed of 500Mbps.

How do I check my Jio AirFiber availability?

Just open this link, https://jio.com/AirFiber, and see if your city’s name is listed there.

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