Jobfayer Site review complete information |  Jobfayer is giving a monthly salary of Rs 35000

Jobfayer Site Review: Hello friends, today we will talk about the Jobfare site article, many people want to know whether the Jobfare site is real or fake, we will give you complete information about it, so you must read this article at the end so that you can know about it. I can know.

This app or site claims that you can earn money online sitting at home and claims to give 35000 monthly salaries and they say that you have to work only two to three hours daily, we will tell you the whole truth about this, that is why you Please read this article till the end.

What is a Jobfayer Site?

Jobfayer Site is a typing website that provides data entry work through which you can earn by typing sitting at home Jobfayer says that by doing this data entry work you can earn up to Rs 35000 monthly. Stay with me. We tell you about the Jobfayer Site review whether it is real or fake.

When was the Jobfayer Site created?

Jobfayer site was purchased and created in April 2023, not much time has passed since that website.

How to go to the Jobfayer Site?

To go to the job website, you have to go to Google and type this URL: Site Link: – then you will reach the official website of Jobfayer.

Jobfayer Site Work Time:

The working time of the Jobfayer Site varies according to the work. Members get earnings according to the work done by them. Daily working time will be 3 to 4 hours.

Why is the Jobfayer site so easy?

  •’s registration process is completely free and very easy.
  • Jobfayer’s online process is very easy with form filling and data entry. MembersYour does not need to deposit any security fee.
  • Your members can start doing your work in your free time and there is no work pressure.

A is real or fake

After reviewing the Jobfayer site, we have found out that this website is completely fake and there are many reasons for it being unsafe for our users, such as that side is not properly constructed.

The complete information about whatever work is being done by you on this site is not available here and no information has been provided. There are many such regions due to which this site is not safe. Friends, we are telling you this. These sites are not recommended at all because there is every possibility of you being cheated. Our aim is that you can get information about it and not get trapped in any such website which cheats you.

Some important things about Jobfayer review complaints

We tell you some risks we have found regarding the Jobfayer Site.

  • The complete details of the work being done on the Jobfayer site have not been provided on that side.
  • Jobfayer Site offers very attractive plans, which is not good at all.
  • If you want to contact the developer of Jobfayer Site regarding any problem then it is not possible to do so because the Jobfayer Site website has not provided us with any information about the owner of its developer.
  • After reviewing the Jobfayer site, we found that it does not have any registration details.
  • If you are cheated on a job website then who will take responsibility for it? Because no contact information is provided the website

According to our review, the Jobfayer Site is not safe at all, it is a scam, so we do not ask you to work on that site, we aim to alert you about it.


We hope that you have learned a lot from the Jobfayer site review and if you found this information helpful then share it with your friends and family members so that they can also avoid frauds like the Jobfayer site website. If you want to know more about it then please let us know by commenting.

Note: – We do not recommend the above-mentioned website to our readers, because there is a high possibility of fraud in it.

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