What is state specific id E Shram 2023?

Right now, we are proud to have a State Specific ID. There was a time when we didn’t have it. But the question is, what is a State Specific ID? In this post, you will learn why when making an e-Shram card or any ID in a state like Bihar or MP, this ID is asked for.

When we go to any state like Bihar or MP and need to make a document or prove that we are residents of that state, we need to have a state-specific ID. This helps to show that we really live in that state. A document and an ID are similar, but an ID is specific to the state where we live.

What is State Specific ID?

State-specific ID is an ID that shows you are a resident of a particular state. This ID confirms that you have lived in that state for many years. Documents like ration cards, family IDs, Aadhaar cards, etc. are called state-specific IDs.

If we use simple words, it means that when a document shows that you have lived in a state for many years, it is like having a special ID card for that state. If you have a ration card, it proves that you have been living in that state for a long time.

Difference between normal documents and state-specific ID?

There isn’t really a big difference between these two things. Normal documents like a driver’s license or voter ID are more important for identifying who you are. But a state-specific ID shows that you live in that state. It doesn’t mean that an Aadhaar card or other normal ID doesn’t prove that you live in a state.

This means that a document or ID card can show where you live, but it doesn’t tell how long you’ve been living there. However, a ration card can show how long you’ve been living in a particular state. The difference is that one shows your personal identification, while the other shows where you live.

What benefits of State-specific id?

When someone gets a state-specific ID , they can get many benefits from the government. With this ID, they can get help from schemes and plans provided by the government.

 The government also knows which schemes and plans they are taking advantage of. The state-specific ID helps the government recognize which state the person is from. There are many other benefits of having a state-specific ID.

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State-specific ID is valid in these states

No.EnglishState Specific ID
1.Andhra PradeshAP
2.Arunachal PradeshAR
9.Himachal PradeshHP
10.Jammu And KashmirJK
11.Jharkhand JH
14.Madhya PradeshMP
24.Tamil NaduTN
27.Uttar PradeshUP
28.West BengalWB
29.Tamil NaduTN
31.Andaman And Nicobar IslandsAN
33.Dadra And Nagar HaveliDH
34.Daman And DiuDD

What is Shram state-specific ID?

A Shram card is like a special ID card that shows you live in a specific state and are a resident of that state.

E-Shram Card Benefits

E-Shram state-specific ID card has lots of benefits. Let me tell you about all the great things you can do with it.

  • If you get a special card called the Shram State Specific Id, you can get money when you’re older. 
  • When you turn 60 years old, you can get up to 3000 rupees every month as a kind of retirement money.
  • And if something bad happens to you and you get hurt, you can get up to 50,000 rupees to help you get better. If you die, your spouse will get the money instead.

Application eligibility for E-Shram state-specific Id?

Hey there! So, we talked about something called State Specific Id. Now, let’s learn how to get an E-Shram state-specific id.

 It’s important to know that you need to work in an unorganized sector like a farmer, street vendor, labourer, rickshaw driver, or migrant worker to apply for this card. You can also apply if you sell fruits and vegetables or work as a barber.

Documents required for E-Shram state-specific Id card?

Adhar card

bank passbook

mobile number

Ration Card / Electricity Bill

How to apply for E-Shram state-specific Id card?

To get an E-Shram card for your state, you need to go to the E-Shram card website and register. 

You can also go to a cyber cafe to do this. 

You can also go to your district or sub-district to register for a specific E-Shram ID.

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