What is Empower Life? Is it Real or fake?

Empower Life: EmpowerLife, a brand-new MLM firm, claims to have created a compelling 212 Global Matrix that encourages all of its members to work from home and make money online.

In this article, we’ll examine Empower Life and give you the all information.

Empower Life
Empower Life: EmpowerLife, a brand-new MLM firm, claims to have created a compelling 212 Global Matrix that encourages all of its members to work from home and make money online.

What is Empower Life?

There is a referral program available to members of the online MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) platform EmpowerLife. You can check out its online courses in Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and other subjects after joining it.

EmpowerLife Affiliate membership is available both free and paid. However, affiliates who sign up for free make less money.

Alex Thomas is the CEO of EmpowerLife, and there is no information available about its location. According to SimilarWeb, the top three countries that visit EmpowerLife’s website are Russia (13%), Poland (8%) and the United States (8%). Additionally, the WHOIS database shows that its domain was last changed in August 2023.

Website Profile

Also Known asEmpower Life
Site typeMLM
Services offeredOnline Courses
Domain registration date5 July 2023
AddressNot Known
Contact e-mailNot Known

Review of  Empower Life

The following should be considered in light of EmpowerLife’s business strategy and corporate profile.

Complete information is not provided on the Internet, and there is also no contact information for the headquarters information. Unrealistic results without any management information are not recorded on many. All these signs point towards Empowerlife being a scam.

Terrible website design, consisting of only one page with a login or sign-up page and no additional information, is the main threat to online platforms. The website was created by EmpowerLife specifically to cheat and trap users. The website does not provide any specific information. EmpowerLife is generally a money-making scheme which can collapse at any moment.

Products of Empower Life

It does not provide any products or services that can be retained. Affiliates may only advertise their own affiliate memberships. Affiliate membership includes access to a product library, an affordable travel website, and digital marketing tools.

Compensation Plan for EmpowerLife

EmpowerLife associates pay $10 monthly for a spot in the 212 matrix. Free membership is also available, but free Empower Life affiliates earn small referral commissions.

Affiliate Commissions

A paid affiliate gets $10 for every paid affiliate they bring on board. A free affiliate gets $5 for every paid affiliate they bring on board.

Recurring Commissions

EmpowerLife pays residual commissions through the 212 Matrix. The 212 matrix has one aide at the top and two positions immediately behind them.

These two positions form the first level of the matrix. These first two positions are divided into two additional positions, to form the second level of the matrix. From level three to level twelve, the matrix is ​​built similarly, with each level taking up twice as much space as the one before it.

Paid EmpowerLife associates are hired directly and indirectly to fill positions in the matrix. Each EmpowerLife affiliate signed up for a monthly fee of $10 earns a commission of 5% of that amount, or 50 cents.

Infinity Commissions

2-Up uses a unilevel payment structure for recruiting commissions that EmpowerLife’s Infinity Commission tracks. In a unilevel compensation plan, an associate is put in charge of a team and each individually recruited associate is placed directly below them (Level 1):

New associates are added to the Level 2 Unilevel team of any Level 1 associate who signs up new associates. In the event that any level 2 allies add new allies, they advance to level 3, and so on down possibly an infinite number of levels.

Infinity Commission offers an additional $1 per month for each affiliate with a 2-up restriction. Each EmpowerLife affiliate is required to close a $1 monthly commission from the first two affiliates they refer to under the “2-Up Caveat”.

Therefore, EmpowerLife affiliates are not eligible to receive Infinity Commission until they have added three new affiliates. The third affiliate pays $1 per month for each affiliate they bring in. Keep in mind that affiliates on downlines also get close-up commissions. Just remember that the first two affiliates that each EmpowerLife affiliate recruits must decline the $1 monthly payment.

As a result, an EmpowerLife affiliate may be able to get their downline to pay a $1 monthly commission. Depending on how an ally is recruited into a unilevel team, it is possible for it to be passed to infinite depths.

Membership of EmpowerLife 

There are also other options for a $10 monthly fee or $20 free EmpowerLife Affiliate Membership. When affiliates advertise EmpowerLife for free, they receive a small commission.


Who is the operator of EmpowerLife?

EmpowerLife’s CEO is Alex Thomas.

EmpowerLife Is it legal?

EmpowerLife is a website operated only by; This is not a legitimate business.

Should I sign up for EmpowerLife?

No, you should not sign up for EmpowerLife as it may cost you money.

Where does EmpowerLife call home?

Nothing is known regarding its working place.


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