Spodenet Company Review | Spodenet is real or fake

In this article, I will explain to you something called Spodenet Affiliate Marketing and try to tell you all about it. We will learn things like what Spodenet is, if it’s real or fake, and how to make money with it. If you read this whole article, you’ll know everything about Spodenet and won’t need to go anywhere else for information. Let’s get started and learn about Spodenet!

What is Spodenet?

Spodenet is an online learning platform that teaches about digital marketing, like how to create a personal brand online, make a profile on social media, do attraction marketing, use Instagram for marketing, generate leads, and make money online. There are more than 16 online courses. The special thing about this course is that you can promote it to others, and if someone buys it through your referral, you get a commission. This is like Spodenet Affiliate Marketing, where you can buy and use this course and also earn money by referring it to others.

When did Spodenet Company start?

Spodenet Affiliate Marketing Company was launched on January 1, 2022, by Mr Aditya Choudhary. He has a team of people helping him, including instructors and others with different roles. Some of their names are Rahul Prajapat, Ajay Singh Nathawat, Sachin Verma, Akshat Gupta, Shivam Saini, Sudiksha Ma’am, Anita Deru, Leela Kumawat, Naresh Choudhary, and Jorawar Rathor.

Foundation Year2022
FounderAditya Choudhary
AddressMansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Spodenet Company Packages

This is a website where you can learn and earn money by taking different courses that teach you different skills and help you develop yourself.

  • Digital Marketing
  • English spoken mastery
  • Business automation
  • Affiliate marketing mastery
  • Instagram growth
  • Communication skills
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Public speaking
  • Video editing
  • Website Designing
  • Other many more

Spodenet has three different packages: Elite, Silver, and Gold. They sell all their courses in these three types of packages.

Spodenet Company Business Plan

The Spodenet Affiliate Marketing Plan works like this: when you tell someone about a course and they buy it using your referral link, you earn a commission. Anyone can join the Spodenet Affiliate Program and sell courses to earn commissions, but there are specific criteria for which courses to buy and sell. You can sell any course, not just the one you bought, and your commission depends on which course was sold. Think of it like being a salesperson for Spodenet courses and earning money for every sale you make.

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Spodenet Course Package & Price 

Package NamePrice
Elite Package1180 Rs
Silver Package4248 Rs
Gold Package2360 Rs

Spodenet Affiliate Program

Now let’s talk about Spodenet’s affiliate program, which is very popular.

1. Referral Commission (90%)

Spodenet company promises to give a commission of 90% for every referral. If you promote something directly, you get a 75% commission, and if someone in your team promotes something, you get a 15% commission. This adds up to a total of 90%. The commission you receive depends on the package you purchase.

 Let’s take the example of the Silver package. With the Silver package, you get 1500 rupees for each direct promotion, and 300 rupees for promotions made by your team. This means that you can earn 1800 rupees for a promotion worth 2000 rupees.

2. Bonus Commission

Spodenet promises to give a bonus to people who are very active. The amount of the bonus depends on which package they have. Those with the Gold package get the most, those with the Silver package get less, and those with the Elite package get the least bonus.

3. Trip & Travels

Spodenet gives people who are connected to it an offer for a trip. It promises to pay for all the expenses of the trip.

Spodenet Company Benefit?

  • Spodenet is a way to work online from home or anywhere without going to an office. 
  • You can choose to work part-time or full-time and work whenever you want without a fixed schedule.
  •  You can learn and earn money through this course, especially about digital marketing. 
  • You can also create your personal brand and learn about lead generation. 
  • There’s an opportunity to earn unlimited money because the more you sell, the more commission you’ll get.

Is Spodenet Company Scam

When people start doing work online, they often worry that they might be scammed and lose their money. If you are also worried about Spodenet being a scam, don’t be. It is a trusted company that has been certified by ISO, GST, and MSME, and more than 5000 people have already joined. Now it’s your turn to start learning and earning with Spodenet.

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