what is my recharge-Plan, Products, price

We are going to discuss My Recharge Ayurveda with you in detail. All details will be covered in this post: Have you completed My Recharge? What is the business plan? How can you make money with My Recharge’s plan?

what is my recharge?

My Recharge is an Indian Product Base MLM Networking Company. This is also known by My Recharge Ayurveda.

For the last 10 years, this company has been operating as an MLM company that is successful and reliable. The company was registered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The directors of the company are Ashok Kulhari, and Devendra Kumar.

MY RECHARGE PRIVATE LTD is unique in that anyone can join the company as a direct salesperson. We will discuss all its plans below.

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Who owns My Recharge Ayurveda

Ashok Kulhari is the CEO and Devendra Kumar are the co-heads of My Recharge Ayuerveda Company. Ashok Kulhari, the MD (Managing Director), of the company is also a director.

My Recharge Products

My Recharge Ayurveda has many products. These products include HEALTH CARE and PERSONAL CARE as well as HOME CARE. FOOD & Grocery, AYURVEDA, and AGRICULTURE are all available. They also offer a recharge option on their website.

This company will test their product before you join My Recharge Ayurveda’s business plan.

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My Recharge Ayurveda Plan

Know these 2 characteristics before we discuss the business plan for this company.

You can withdraw 5 times a month from this company.

If your downline does more business than yourself, you’ll get a commission.

Income Plan

This company offers 8 income plans.

Retail Profit

Self Purchase Performance Bonus

Silver Director Bonus

Leadership Bonus

Travel Fund

Car Fund

House Fund

Brand Ambassador Bonus

Retail Profit

My Recharge Ayurveda offers its customers a 10%-30% discount on its products MRP rate. This is available to its distributor. Distributors can make retail profits by selling the products further.

Self Purhase Performance Bonus

This plan allows you to repurchase from your account and generate income according to PBV. PBV stands to Personal Business Volume.

As per the table below, you will receive PBV income for buyback.



Repurchase Rs1 to Rs1499


Repurchase Rs1500-Rs2999


Repurchase Rs3000-Rs5999


Repurchases above Rs6000


This plan also includes a performance bonus. A lot of income will be earned from the Repurchase of the person below you.

Let’s say you have 5 more people than you. Let’s assume that 5 people are named A, B C, D, E.

A has conducted business worth Rs. 20000.

B has been in business for Rs.18000.

C started a business worth Rs.15000.

D started a company of Rs. 1000.

E has been in business for Rs.6000

These will be matched and you will receive 10 percent of their total business. This is Rs 1800

You will receive 12 percent of the business total of C. This is Rs 1800.

14 percent of D’s total business will be yours, or Rs 1400.

You will receive 15% of the total business of E, which is Rs 900.

After these four legs, you’ll get 15% of the income from all your employees. You will end up with 15% of your business. Imagine you own a 600 rupee business. Instead, you’ll get 15% which is 90 rupees. This example gives you a total income of Rs 5990.

Silver Director Bonus

You must have a business turnover of Rs 33750 to make this plan work. After that, you will be able to earn 6 percent of your total business through the Silver Director Bonus plan.

Leadership Bonus

You will get income based on the level you reach. The PDF below provides more details.

Other than this, there will be 3 percent income in Travel Fund, Car Fund, Car Fund, Car Fund, House Fund, 2 percent, and Brand Ambassador Bonus.

Get My Recharge Ayuerveda PDF Business Plan – Download Now

 Are you done with your Recharge Ayuerved

My Recharge is an MLM company that sells product bases. This company allows you to easily make thousands of dollars by building a network and buying goods.

Is it legal to join My Recharge Alliance?

Joining My Recharge Ayuerved is risk-free as it is a product-based MLM company. It has been on the market for many years. However, before you join, make sure to inspect the product quality.

What amount is required to join My Recharge?

You should not become a distributor for this company. It is enough to purchase their products.

What is the monthly income I can make from My Recharge Ayuerved?

You can make more money if you do your job well.

Does My Recharge Ayuerved any Fraud Company or Not?

My Recharge Ayuerved does not operate as a fraud business. This is an MLM company that sells product bases.

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