HJG Fog Light: Considerations Before Buying HJG Fog Lights

HJG Fog Light: The HJG 4 LED Fog Light is the brightest, clearest and easiest-to-install fog light on the market because it was developed with the latest technology.

6000K/1500Lm Powerful 6000K/1500Lm beam pattern of the LED lights is designed with great efficiency to provide long-distance illumination and powerful coverage. Four high-intensity LED digital units are included with the HJG Fog Lights.

HJG Fog Light
HJG Fog Light: The HJG 4 LED Fog Light is the brightest, clearest and easiest-to-install fog light on the market because it was developed with the latest technology.

Features of HJG Fog Light

Super Bright and Clear Fog Light: Super bright and clear fog light of 22 patterns, using high-intensity LEDs with high transmission lens to offer a strong 6000k/1500lm spot and flood combination beam to illuminate the night and ensure long-range illumination while riding Made with design.

Heavy-Duty & Perfect Design: Its heat sink and aviation-grade aluminium body provide superior heat dissipation, extending the light’s lifespan to over 50,000 hours. Additionally, the water-resistant and dust-resistant design will keep this fog lamp working well in challenging conditions.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket: It comes with adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets that allow these light pods to be turned to the ideal lighting angle, making it easy to flexibly change the direction of the light beam to suit the needs of your application.

Wide Application: The 4 LED 60W work light is compatible with any 9-32V DC-powered vehicles including jeeps, 4x4s, cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs and boats. Additionally, it can be connected to an AC-to-DC converter to use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Where to Install: To replace the stock lights, fog lights, tail lights and reverse lights, you can mount these fog lights on your car’s front bumper, bull bar, lower bumper opening, front grille, roof rack and rear step bumper.

Which fog light should I buy?

Now that you know how fog lights actually work, what features to look for, and why a reliable set of fog lights will keep you safer on the road, you can now focus your search on the product options that will best suit your car or vehicle. Best for trucks.

This selection of Underground Lighting, H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs, 40W 6000LM, is a welcome upgrade from old, discoloured halogen lamps.

  • With an output of 40W and 6000LM, they are powerful.
  • This five-star pair of fog lights is American-made and provides either 6000K white light or 3000K bright yellow light.
  • Driving is worry-free due to the error-free and flicker-free display.
  • Customers are attracted towards the 9006 40W 6000LM LED Fog Light Kit due to its extraordinary brightness and brightness.
  • To light the way, choose from 6000K white or 3000K yellow light.
  • Large, bulky models are rarely preferred over sleek, lean models.
  • Installation that is “plug and play” makes setup simple.

Reviews of HJG Fog Light

HJG Fog Lights: Universal Bikes & Cars White & Yellow 

High-end, long-lasting and energy-efficient:

Constructed from high-grade aluminium alloy and fitted with premium LED lighting. The high level of clarity and brilliant illumination provided by this light in all weather conditions is highly valued.

Lens distance and irritation:

  • When using lens type lens, the condensation effect is good, and the irradiation distance is longer than that of a regular lens.
  • The light is more clear and its brightness is up to 2400LM.
  • The irradiation width is 50m, and the irradiation distance on the road surface can exceed 150m.
  • Ensuring visibility wherever you go and making it possible to enjoy your journey with maximum convenience during the day, night and inclement weather, the 2 LED OWL Fog Light is the ideal complement for bikes and cars.

Waterproof and Long Lasting:

Designed to improve visibility, the included 2 LED OWL Fog Light is built to withstand all damaging elements such as water, inclement weather and shock.

The strength and durability of this headlight make it the best choice for installation if you want excellent visibility day, night and even in low light.

Better performance:

2 LED Fog Light is made to do everything so that you can drive or ride at night or in low light conditions and see the road ahead. It is ideal for installation on all motorcycles, bikes and automobiles as it comes with a strong, long-lasting, fixed bracket.

Easy and Quick Installation:

This light was made to be practical, and it comes with all the tools needed for quick and easy installation on your car or motorcycle. Universally compatible with all motorcycle, bike and car manufacturers and models.

Low and High Beam:

The dual-colour chip of this driving light can adjust to adverse driving conditions. You can improve your night lighting by using a combination of high and low-light designs.

Shell made of aluminium alloy:

The frame of the whole lamp body is made of aluminium alloy, which is more durable and has a longer lifespan.

Terms and conditions of HJG 2 LED Fog Light

  • Returns and replacements are allowed only in the event of any transport damage or wrong delivery of goods.
  • A change of mind after the product has been dispatched or received will not be accepted as a sufficient reason for returning the item.
  • Request for return or replacement must be submitted within five days of delivery.
  • All items should be stored in their original packaging unused.
  • Please be aware that the final price shown above will include additional shipping for some products, hence the actual MRP and advertised price may differ.


Are fog lights allowed to be used at night?

If the illumination is aimed properly and at the right distance, then the answer is yes.

HJG fog lights are waterproof, right?

Additionally, it’s IP67 waterproof, so you can always be sure it’ll operate safely in the rain and other wet conditions.

What is the cost of HJG 4X4 Fog Light?

For Rs.5,999 only at Rs.2,999, you can buy this HJG 4X4 Lens 40W Fog Light Auxiliary Light for all Motorcycles/Scooters/Cars.


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