Awpl business or fraud? Complete information about Asclepius Wellness

Awpl: Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd is an MLM company which will be discussed in this article. Many people are curious about this direct-selling business and ask whether Asclepius Wellness is real or fake.


What is Awpl Company?

A multi-level marketing organization called Asclepius Wellness Private Limited sometimes referred to as Asclepius Wellness or AWPL, does business. AWPL Corporation was officially established as a corporate entity in the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), Delhi in the month of October 2014.

Sanjeev Kumar (MD), Chand Raipuria and Amit Kumar are its directors. Its head office is located in Dwarka, New Delhi. AWPL is one of the legitimate direct-selling businesses listed by the Government of India and is authorized to operate multilevel marketing strategies there.

The Greek name Asclepius translates to “god of medicine”. Ayurvedic health supplements and BUT goods are produced by AWPL, a business with a production facility in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

Currently, to become a distributor in AWPL, you have to invest between Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000 to join it. Many people have also claimed that they charged Rs 600 for the joining kit, despite the fact that it is not specified on the AWPL website.

AWPL Company Profile

DirectorsSanjeev Kumar, MAM Chand Raipuriya
Company GST Number07AAMCA9419N1Z0
Date of Incorporation07/10/2014
Ragistration Number084662
Class of CompanyPrivate
CategoryCompany limited by Shares
Sub CategoryNon-govt company
Company StatusActive  
Company ProductsAyurveda 
Company PlanNetwork Marketing
SystemRegistration Number
Customer Care Number+91 11 28033739

Is AWPL Fraud?

AWPL is a legitimate direct-selling business with MCA registration. A corporation that has MCA registration is free to operate anywhere in India. It is well known that AWPL engages in direct selling. In contrast, the Indian government has implemented regulations that all direct-selling businesses must follow. This rule is also followed by this company. All its items are ISO-certified, and GST is required to be paid on the purchase of each item, the money of which goes to the Government of India.

AWPL Business Plan

AWL engages in multilevel marketing. To join this you need to be registered as a distributor or direct seller. The business offers the item to the direct seller at a price below the item’s MSRP.

After purchasing the item, the seller has two options: he can use it himself or sell it to a third party for MRP. What will be your income if you join AWPL? Our understanding of this can be divided into two simple steps.

How can we earn money if we join Awpl?

How can you make money after joining Asclepius Wellness? In this post, we want to answer that question. Once you’ve signed up, there are a few ways to make money. We’ll consider each below.

1. By signing up for Asclepius Wellness, you can access our health library of over 2,000 articles on topics including food, exercise, and stress management.

2. You can sign up as a member to gain access to our exclusive community, where you can interact with others who are eager to improve their health, ask questions and share your experiences.

3. Finally, you have the option to upgrade to a Premium membership to get additional perks including access to our members-only forum, priority customer support, and more!

Product Selling 

If you join the company as a direct seller, the corporation will give you the product at the Distributor Price (DP), which is less expensive than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MRP). As a product user, you will be able to save money, and if you sell the product at MRP, you will be able to make retail profits by reselling it.

You paid Rs 100 to AWPL for a product whose MRP is Rs 120. You will save Rs 20 on the product if you use it yourself. If you sell the item at Rs 120 MRP you will earn Rs 20 from the retail sale.

Network Income

We are considering the application for the AWPL Business Income Plan. How will you be able to get this money after joining AWPL? To join this you must spend at least USD $12,000 on a product. Only after obtaining this item, you can join the corporation.

As soon as you sign up with this you get five different sources of revenue. AWPL Income Planning starts here. 

  • Income from sales
  • Monthly commission for sales performance
  • Commission for best sales leads
  • Commission for Ambassador Club Leadership
  • Repurchase commission based on sales


As a direct seller, you have the ability to build your network by inviting individuals to join your AWPL network, as explained below. Your downline and upline are the people who are connected to you below and above respectively. If a member of your downline buys an AWPL product you and your upline will split the profit. Each of these elements should be taken into account, as explained in further income planning.

Since the marketing of goods and services follows the direct selling model, any business doing so will be considered breaking the rules of direct selling. The sale of products that you and others in your downline purchase will be your only source of MLM income. Although there is no cost to join Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd, you will have to spend between Rs 4500 to Rs 12,000 on items before you start making money from it.

Awpl Products

The god Asclepius was considered a universal healer by the ancient Greeks. In recognition of this conviction, Asclepius Wellness created a line of items aimed at enhancing health and well-being. The company sells teas, herbs and vitamins that aid in both physical and mental health.

Weight loss, energy production, cognitive improvement and anti-ageing supplements are among the many items offered by Asclepius Wellness. The business also offers herbal remedies for ailments such as depression, anxiety and inflammation.

Asclepius Wellness offers several membership programs to meet the needs of everyone from first-time buyers to those with more experience using health and wellness products. During this period, all the company’s products can be tried for free.

AWPL’s products have set SP, Distributor and MRP prices. For example, AWPL sells Asclepius DentoDoc 100ml toothpaste for only Rs 210 through direct sellers. Compared to other major MLM organizations, AWPL’s product selection is small. AWPL items are a bit expensive when you take into account regular use of the product.

We specialize in the following product categories as Awpl produces Ayurvedic goods.

  • Welfare
  • Oral care
  • Hair care
  • Food and beauty care products

Awpl Competitors

The centre began operations in late 2016 and has experienced growth in business since then. Asclepius Wellness Centers are unique in that they include both traditional medicine and alternative treatments. This enables the institute to provide treatment for a wide range of conditions, such as pain relief, weight loss and other conditions.

The centre attracts customers because its services are also reasonably priced. Asclepius Wellness is expected to become a preferred destination for individuals looking for wellness treatments due to its affordable costs and wide selection.

Should one sign up for Awpl?

The choice must be entirely your own. You must have a solid understanding of MLM before drawing any conclusions.

How does MLM work?

Does the MLM field require any certain skill set?

Can I engage in multilevel marketing with this business?

We want to tell you that the success rate of MLM is only 0.4%. In contrast, to be successful in MLM, one has to work continuously for three to four years. To accomplish this you will need to develop a large downline network and this will require both marketing and presentation abilities.

After engaging in MLM you will need to completely understand the company’s scheme on paper. Once you realize this, you can decide how much money you will make personally and through your downline; Otherwise, you can jump in without knowing how to swim. Then you will consider joining MLM, even though you shouldn’t do so on someone else’s recommendation. After joining this, it will affect your family and friends also.

It is also important to note that there are many different MLM businesses that AWPL represents in our country. There are other businesses including IMC, Modicare, Forever Livings and Vestige. These businesses are able to offer a wider variety of products, and they also produce more expensive goods than Awpl.


Is it possible to sign up for Awpl?

Finding a Parson who is already an Asclepius Wellness Direct Seller is the easiest way to join Awpl; Failing this, you can fill out the online application form by visiting the official website of Awpl

How legal or illegal is AWPL?

One of the legitimate businesses authorized to carry out direct product sales in India is AWPL, which is listed on the MCA register.

Where can I find AWPL goods?

You can buy the products of this company directly from the direct seller by visiting your nearest AWPL branch or distributor location.


There is no doubt that this article about Asclepius Wellness Business Details in Hindi has been helpful for you. Also, we hope you have gained information about AWPL’s income plan and products.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.

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