10 Affordable Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs: You need to know

Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs: Here is a list of 10 Affordable Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs. This list of great gift ideas also includes science kits, watercolours, magic pens, masks, and purses. All of these suggestions are excellent birthday return gifts because they are so original, thoughtful and appropriate. We will only cover return gift ideas that cost less than Rs.50 in this article.

Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs
Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs

Why is it important to return gifts?

Exchange gifts Ideas are an essential component of any birthday celebration. Return gifts are a thoughtful way to thank party guests for coming and give them a small token of your appreciation. Return gifts are another fun way to keep the birthday boy and his friends entertained and happy, especially if the gift is something nice or practical. Return gifts can be affordable and can add to the fun and memory of a birthday party if chosen thoughtfully.

10 Affordable Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs

The option to return gifts offered in the marketplace can be expensive. Because of this, parents are often on the lookout for inexpensive gifts that kids still find exciting and appealing when the budget is tight. If you are looking for current ideas on a budget then here are some of the top return gift ideas under Rs 50. We have mainly highlighted the bundled offers for your benefit; We hope you find it interesting. Explore each of the ten suggestions listed below.

1. Digital LED Clock Multicolor (Pack of 10)

These watches have LED displays, long battery life, are waterproof, and exclusive 3D superhero, cartoon and character in band style. Suitable for both women and men, girls and boys.

This can be an ideal option for your birthday gifts under Rs.50.

Amazon Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

2. Water Color + Artist Paint Brushes (Set of 10) 

Best Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs. Each set comes with a palette, a paintbrush and 12 different coloured cakes. Nice packaging, being covered it is easy to handle, and suitable as birthday return gifts for both boys and girls up to the age of about sixteen years.

  • The Birthday Popper 10 Water Color Set + Artist Paint Brushes contains 10 watercolour sets that can be given to up to 10 kids attending the party. Gift wrap has been discontinued as of 16/6/2021
  • Acrylic palette with coloured cakes inside the palette
  • best birthday return gift idea for all age groups
  • Size: 22*15 cm. Each set includes: – 12 x Colored Cakes, 1 x Paint Brush, 1 Palette
  • PERFECT GIFT: For those who enjoy drawing and art, this would be a beautiful choice. Ideal as a party gift for kids, teenagers and other groups. On occasions such as Birthday, Children’s Day, New Year, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Back-to-school items, adorable gift and prize bundles, funfair prizes and classroom treasure box prizes. Wholesale Toys, Wholesale School Supplies, and Goodie Bag Fillers

Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

3. Stationery set for Children (Set of 10) 

This package contains a stationery set of 10 packs (Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs). Two pencils, an eraser, a sharpener and a scale are all included in a stationery set for kids. Ideal for birthday return gifts under Rs.50.

Amazon Rating: 4 Star out of 5

4. Kaleidoscope Magical Toy (Pack of 12) 

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument that uses mirrors to reflect images of pieces of coloured glass in a symmetrical geometric pattern through a viewer. The loose piece parts can be twisted indefinitely to create different designs.

This can be a great return gift for kids’ birthday parties. The size is modest, but it makes a unique gift and is good for returns. Now the younger generation does not know about these toys.

Amazon Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 2k reviews.

5. Pencil Pouch Best Birthday Return Gift (Pack of 6)

High-quality product, strong chain, flexible, neat and conveniently portable. Specially designed for carrying children’s school supplies and office equipment. Ideal birthday return gift; Excellent, clear and functional product (Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs).

Amazon Rating: 4.1 Star out of 5

6. Superhero Mask for Children Birthday Return Gift (Set of 12)

This Amazon favourite includes twelve different superhero masks (Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs). Made from premium felt, these masks are both soft and sturdy. Kids can easily transform into their favourite superheroes and experience the action firsthand.

You will get approx Rs. Budget should be made. 25 per person. So, if you are looking for the best birthday return gifts under Rs.50, this could be it.

Amazon Rating: 4.2 Star out of 5

7. Invisible Ink Magic Pen with UV-Light (20 pieces)

You can write your own secret message using this amazing invisible ink pen which costs Rs.25. When you’re done writing your secret message with this invisible ink pen, flash the UV light through the cover of the pen to illuminate it.

Spy pen with a twist, a good time activity and odourless ink. The light button is easy to press. Before shipping, each pen is quality verified.

Amazon Rating: 4.1 Star out of 5

8. Lighting Toys Glow Sticks Assorted Colors (Pack of 50 Glowsticks)

If your party is a little bigger and has a lot of kids then these better 8″ glow sticks are a great option for Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs. With this plan, you will have to pay only 7.2 rupees per person.

You just need to shake it to magically sparkle. Both compounds are combined as follows. They will shine for up to eight hours, after which they will begin to fade but can shine for up to twelve hours.

Amazon Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars based on over 1.5k ratings.

9. Return Gifts Set of Cartoon Printed Children’s Haversack Bags (Pack of 12)

12 Printed cartoon haversack bags (Birthday Return Gift Ideas for 50 rs) are useful for students. It can also be used as a return gift for birthday celebrations. This stylish bag has enough room to carry it to the activity centre or school picnic.

It is incredibly strong and has a heavy carrying capacity when using slings as supports. Another option in the “return gift ideas under 50 bucks” category can be this.

Amazon Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars based on around 1.5k ratings.

10. Funny Jump Toys + Printed Balloons (Set of 12) 

Press the elf’s head against a flat surface until the mesh shrinks, then quickly release it to enjoy thrilling flying action. Designed for ease of use. There are 12 different emoji faces in this toy set. It’s all there, including smiling, winking, acting silly, being sad or scared, giggling when you laugh, and much, much more!

Amazon Rating: 4 stars out of 5


What can be a gift in return?

Return gifts can be a home-cooked dish, a gift card, a framed photograph of the occasion, a memento from the venue, a modest bouquet of flowers, or even a souvenir from the area.

Why is return gifting important?

Return gifts are important because they express your gratitude to your event attendees. A thank-you gift serves as a memento of the occasion and a method of expressing gratitude for their presence.

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